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Our KSUAC Rifle Club was formed in 2019.  It is open, primarily, to all KSU students taking 3 credit hours or more.  Faculty, staff, and affiliate members are also welcome.

We are a diverse club that actively seeks diversity in our members in all ways.  We have a rich diversity of gender, race, age, culture, and outside interests.  The shooting sports brings together people from all walks of life in a common interest.


Our Club dues are $50 per year.  This includes ammo, equipment, and supplies for our shooting activities.

We are pleased to have Ashtabula Rod & Gun Club as our facility sponsor .  KSU Rifle Club members have a range of membership options with the ARGC.  This ranges from $25 to $65 per year for Student Rifle Club Members. 


Rifle Club Members must not be disqualified from firearms activities under Federal or State Laws.

Rifle Club Members agree to a Code of Conduct.


Our primary meeting place and shooting range venue will be at the Ashtabula Rod & Gun Club.  

ARGC Website

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Physical Location/Google Map

6739 Ninevah Rd

Ashtabula, OH 44004



Our regular meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month, Sept., Oct., Nov., Feb., March, April.  Weather permitting, we will have significant range time at these meeting.  Times will vary depending on daylight.

We will have special meetings and other opportunities.

Unless otherwise notified, meetings are at the ARGC .


Our next (and first!) meeting will be Thursday, October10, 2019 at 5:00PM.  This will be at the Ashtabula Rod & Gun Club (ARGC).

Please try to make it!  We will be present and shooting starting at 3:00PM.   We will shoot until sunset.  We will break at 5:00PM for the formal meeting which should take less than 30 minutes.

We recognize that everyone has varying schedules and obligations.  Please try to make it even for part of the time.

We have drinking water at the range.  Bring a snack, dinner, or something so you can enjoy!

Our first meeting was September 12, 2019 and was a great success.  We had 14 in attendance and everyone got a chance to shoot the 22 and 5.56 rifles.  Several of the new members had never shot before!


Your club dues help to support all ammunition, firearms, and safety equipment.  So, you just need appropriate dress for the weather and temperature.

You will sign a liability waiver.

You don't have to sign up or pay dues until the second meeting.

We recommend:

  • Closed shoes - sometimes the range is damp, especially after heavy rains.
  • No loose, open shirts.  Ejected brass can easily drop into the shirt (and it is hot!).
  • Some prefer a hat (not necessary)
  • Your prescription glasses are fine for safety glasses - but we also provide safety glasses
  • We provide hearing protection or you can bring your own.





KSUA Rifle Club is an officially recognized Kent State University Club at the Ashtabula, Ohio campus. Full membership to the Club is open to Kent State University students at any campus taking at least three credit hours and meet the following criteria:

· At least 18 years old;

· Not disqualified under Federal or State laws from handling, using, owning, or possessing firearms;

· Agree to the Club Code of Conduct;

· Pay our Club membership dues;

· Pay our Sponsoring Gun Club dues.

Affiliate member status is available to any Kent State University faculty or staff. University guidelines require that affiliate membership be less than 50% of the Club membership – so restrictions may apply.

Inherent in our purpose is support and advocacy of the 2ndAmendment to the U.S. Constitution supporting the unrestricted use and ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. We welcome and encourage the free exchange of knowledge and information. Membership in this Club is based on your support that the 2ndAmendment to the United States Constitution includes the individual right to own firearms with minimal governmental regulation or restrictions. 

Our meetings, purpose, and activities are open and transparent. We welcome those with divergent opinions to observe and discuss. However, we will not tolerate disruptive or disparaging activities and retain the right to declare any individual persona non grata.

The purpose of the Club is to educate Members on the safe handling and use of rifles. One of our primary purposes is to welcome and encourage students with little to no knowledge about rifles to join and learn. Diversity is essential in our Club. 

We work diligently to insure that no one is excluded who wants to be part of the Club.

The shooting sports bridge across all social, political, economic, and cultural divides. This common interest sparks lifelong friendships. We want to recognize that the purpose of this Club is to not only learn important knowledge, but to celebrate and embrace these networking opportunities.

Liberty is not free. Any significant right or liberty carries with it a heavy burden of responsibility. Specialized knowledge, skills, and tools bring greater social and legal scrutiny on an individual or organization. Our Code of Conduct is strict and non-negotiable for these reasons. Your conduct reflects on our Club and your fellow members. 



1. Club participation

1.1. Club dues must be paid.

1.2. Gun Club dues must be paid.

1.3. Regular participation is expected.

1.4. All members are expected to take roles in helping and making the Club successful. This is a “hands on” experience.

2. Personal Conduct

2.1. Members shall not advocate, support, or condone violence in any way through any social media or public speech.

2.2. Members shall not engage in any discriminatory activities or statements with regard to any legally protected class as well as sexual orientation.

2.3. We desire our Members to be seen by other KSU communities as polite, helpful, restrained, committed, fair, honest, and outgoing.

2.4. Members’ conduct reflects on the Club and other Members. 

2.5. Members must strictly follow all rules and regulations of our hosting Gun Club(s).

2.6. Members shall not use illegal drugs or substances.

2.7. Members shall not be under the influence of alcohol during any Club activity.

2.8. Tobacco use of any type is prohibited during any Club activity consistent with KSU policies.

2.9. Members will use appropriate dispute resolution tools and procedures to effectively and calmly work on disagreements or disputes.

3. Conceptual

3.1. This brief statement is conceptual in nature. It is not intended to be exhaustive but to establish the tone of conduct expected.

3.2. The Club Advisor or any two Officers may immediately suspend any member over concern of a violation of the Code of Conduct. This will lead to a complete investigation and a final resolution in a timely manner.

3.3. Any Member concerned over Code of Conduct violations had an obligation to report this immediately to the Advisor or an Officer.



 We with to extend a HUGE THANKS to American Legion Dewey Howlett Post 103 for their generous contribution of $2,500 to assist in the start-up of our important organization.

Contributions are welcome.  We are cautious  in the solicitation of funds so that we do not compromise other fund-raising or donor relations which the extremely important to the University.   There are a number of important areas that we wish to pursue in which outside funds would be essential:

  • dues assistance to students who wish to participate but simply cannot afford the dues at this time;
  • Training Certification Scholarships: we would like to have our members become certified by various organizations, such as the NRA, as instructors;
  • Law Enforcement Family Day


We are focused on our educational and recreational mission with our members.   For our outside community service, we are contemplating a "Law Enforcement Family Day at the Range".  This would be an opportunity for local law enforcement to bring family members to the range to shoot with our members.  Wives, friends, children, parents, siblings often just don't have a chance to get out to have these initial experiences.  Our goal on this event is to give these dedicated officers a chance to share this experience with their families and network with our members and each other.  


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